Basil for Business

Many Hindu families keep a tulsi or Holy Basil plant in a specially-built structure, which has images of deities installed on all four sides, with an alcove for a small earthenware oil lamp. Here basil is used very simply to enhance business matters. Just how widely it is used throughout the world is shown by the use of the second technique, which is said to ensure that you will always be prosperous. This latter technique owes a great deal to voodoo and the technique of floor washing.


Basil seeds and plant Pots containing compost

Small oil lamp


✤ Place the pot and plants where they can be safely left.

✤ Carefully nurture the seeds to maturity.

✤ Whenever practical, light the oil lamp and keep it burning. This action honours the goddess Tulsi who fell in love with Krishna and calls upon her beneficence.