Witches and Witchcraft Moving Forward

Alister Crowley’s “love under will.” When we consider Wilt.

The saying goes love under will. But he says do what thou wilt. Turning will…into a verb.

This could possibly be of some great importance.

It may indicate the opposite of static nature.

As a witch, you may be for ever-changing and hopefully learning as you go along Your will could be the desire and all that it entails.

Wilt could imply the action of making that desire come to fruition through action

Taking action as a witch could possibly be the most important part of your craft.

Witches are constantly changing their lives as Witchcraft evolves. As witches, we can create the life given to us

So we quite literally create the life given to us, making us as much a part of our own active creation.

Every man and woman, whether a witch or not can change their reality A witch possibly just understands all this at another level.

Our Reality is our mental being The point is wilt and Implies forward momentum.

You may be pushed forward in what it is you wish to reach for in your perfected nature.

All the parts of self-moving towards union with oneself with consciousness could be parts of your true self coming together Reality is subjective. Here we see this.