Astrology The moon

Whereas a circle represents spirit, the semicircle represents soul in the pictographic code of the astrological glyphs.

The Moon’s glyph is the vessel of the soul, both for its development and its journey in the Moon boat.

Of all the astrological glyphs, the Moon’s glyph most strongly resembles its counterpart in the skies.

The two sharp points created by the intersection of the two semicircles remind us of the pulsing rhythm of the Moon.

The horns of the Moon remind us of the waxing and waning, of being present in day and night, and punctuated moments of duality that resolved back into the curves of the crescent.

The Moon is the vessel of our life and contains within it the storehouse of the images, the emotions, and the memories that make up the experience of life.

The Moon is connected to instinct, how we react before we have time to think with our conscious minds.

The Moon is the author, the editor, of the story of our life.

When you look back upon your life you do not remember it as raw security camera footage.

You remember your life as a story.

This story is a summation, a distillation, of your experiences with plots and subplots and chapters.

The position of the Moon in a particular Sign and House determines the style and the genre of your life story.

The Moon is also the lower reflection of the powers of the Sun, and as such is associated with the unconscious, the subconscious, and those parts of the psyche that live in the land of dream.

In Magick, the Moon is associated with the astral plane and therefore the sphere of Yesod in the Tree of Life.

It is the realm closest to physical manifestation and the plane where most magickal work is done.

The Moon collects all the influences and then turns earthwards to create the ebb and flow of the tides of life, both physical and subtle.