Folk Names:

Red Agate, Blood Agate








Strength, Courage, Longevity, Gardening, Love, Healing, Protection

Magical Uses:

In general, agate is utilized in spells and magical rituals involving strength, bravery, longevity and so on.

Worn on the arm or carried while gardening, the agate increases your plants’ fertility and ensures a bountiful crop or healthy flowers.

Moss agate (see below) was thought to be the best suited for this.

Charged agates can be ‘planted’ in the garden to promote abundance, and small agates hung on trees increase their yield.

In ancient Rome an agate worn in a ring on the hand or bound to the left arm ensured the favor of the vegetative deities, who would
cause the Earth to be fruitful.

A stone often utilized in love spells, agate is also worn to avoid envious thoughts and to remove spite; in other words, to make its wearer amiable and agreeable.

Spite has no place in the search for love.

It is also worn as a truth amulet, to ensure that your words are pure, and also to ensure favors from powerful persons.

Agate jewelry is given to children to be worn as protective amulets.

Agate is thought to be particularly useful in preventing children from falling and is also worn by adults to avoid stumbling.

An agate held in the mouth relieves thirst. It was once used to reduce fevers by applying them to the forehead.

Held in the hand the agate calms and refreshes the body and helps it heal minor health problems Agates were popular talismans in the Middle East to ensure the healthy state of the blood.

In ancient Britain, they were worn to guard against skin diseases.

Triangular-shaped agates were used in Syria to avert intestinal problems.

In ceremonial magic, agates were engraved with serpents ormen riding on snakes.

Worn as an amulet this magical jewel prevented snake, scorpion, and insect bites and stings.

The agate is sometimes used in protective spells and rituals and was once thought to be a sovereign guard against sorcery, demons and fiendish possession.

In Asia, agates were used much as quartz crystal is today.

To ascertain future trends the scryer gazed at the markings on the stone, allowing the deep mind to project its psychic impulses to the conscious mind.

The numerous types of agate-vaguely distinguishable by color or markings-are used in various types of magic.

Though any type of agate may be worn for the above uses, these particular stones have traditional energies.

 A list of some of the major Agate and their magical attributions:


(Energy: Projective, Element: Fire) Protection. Restores bodily energy and eases stressful situations.

Black Agate:

(Energy: Projective, Element: Fire) Another protective stone. Wear for courage and successful competitions.

Black and White Agate:

(Energy: Receptive, Element: Earth) Worn as an amulet, this stone guard against physical dangers.

Blue Lace Agate:

(Energy: Receptive, Element: Water) Wear or carry for peace and happiness. Place in your hand to de-stress. Lay one on your desk or other workstation and gaze at it when in stressful situations.

In the home, a blue lace agate surrounded by flaming, light blue candles calms the psychic atmosphere and reduces household or family quarrels.

Brown or Tawny Agate:

(Energy: Projective, Element: Fire) Once worn by warriors for victory in battle, the brown agate is used today for success in any undertaking.

It was prized in Italy and Persia as a guard against the evil eye. It’s also a wealth talisman.

Green Agate:

(Energy: Receptive, Element: Earth) Worn to improve the health of the eyes.

In the past, a woman who drank the water a green agate ring was washed in was magically guarded against sterility.

Moss Agate:

(Energy: Receptive, Element: Earth) Due to its curious markings, which suggest moss or trees, the moss agate is the special gardener’s talisman.

It is worn to relieve a stiff neck, to lend energy to the depleted, and for healing purposes.

It is also used in spells involving riches, happiness and long life.

Wear this stone to make new friends and to discover “treasure.”

Red Agate:

(Energy: Projective, Element: Fire) Also known as “Blood Agate,” this stone was worn in ancient Rome to guard against insect bites, to heal the blood, and to promote calm and peace.