Enhancing Communication

Here is a simple way to use one of the stones ruled by Jupiter in a particularly modern way, at the same time also appealing to the gods of communication. This is an example of combining several energies for one purpose. The crystal carnelian can be used when you want – or need – to be heard. It is also an excellent stone to wear or carry when you need to speak in public for it strengthens the voice, provides self-confidence and confers eloquence on the speaker. It is used to counteract doubt and negative thoughts and is employed in this spell for that purpose.


A small piece of carnelian

An incense such as benzoin which is sacred to Mercury, Roman god of communication


✤ The night before you are due to speak light your incense.

✤ Hold the carnelian in the smoke of the incense.

✤ Say:

Mercury, Ogmios, Heracles

Gods of eloquence and right speech

Help me tomorrow to say the right thing

To make myself heard.

✤ Sleep with the carnelian under your pillow, as one of its properties is to prevent nightmares.

✤ The next day either have the piece of carnelian discreetly in front of you where you can see it or in your pocket where you can easily reach it.

✤ When stuck for words or in difficulty, either touch the stone or mentally make a link with it which will enable you to overcome the blockage.

Simply having something else to focus on in such a situation is good anyway, but having appealed to the gods, you draw on the very source of communication and on the qualities of the crystal. Remember to thank the gods – who are from three different cultures – afterwards. You may need their help again.