New Witches Guide

Becoming a witch is a personal journey and occasionally a solitary one, despite what you may hear other witches saying there is no one way to go about becoming one. It is however important to learn what you can at your own pace, take what you need and discard what you are not ready for at this time, believe in yourself make your own goals walk your own path and enjoy the journey.

Choosing your path as a witch can be very confusing as there are so many types of witchcraft out there, so where do you start? Witchcraft in its simplicity can be broken down into three parts either religious or non religious, ceremonial or non ceremonial coven or solitary. Most that are new to the craft feel safer and more comfortable to start off as a solitary witch, from here and over time just follow your heart and do what feels right for you and you alone. Do not be afraid if your thoughts stray towards the darker side of the craft this is normal for a natural witch, it means that you have already begun to understand the natural order of balance and that you cannot achieve balance by learning just one side of something.