Evoking Invisible Forces

There are still many witches out there that believe that you can only perform spells, & magic by commanding or evoking invisible forces to which only come to you by performing secret incantations or ceremonies, maybe even speaking in Latin and dressing up in dark robes under a full moon in the middle of some dark and dingy woods while freezing your nipples off, to which only your high priest or priestess has access to via a very old and sacred Grimoire or Book of Shadows which has been passed down for generations.

True witches do not, we believe that you should just be yourself, dress as you like and do as you wish without fear of reprisal in the comfort of your own home, you may call upon the elements, demons or spirits and ask for their assistance in aiding you with your spell at anytime you like, but ask is the operative word here, remember that you do not command or demand anything. The more you give to nature the more nature returns its favours. Balance!