Words on Witchcraft

In Witchcraft there is no formal priesthood although some witches working in a group or coven will have a High Priestess and High Priests who are leaders of that group.

The fact that they are High Priestess and High Priests may not make them better witches, it simply denotes their standing and authority within the group.

Having no formal priesthood means we do not reply on others to interpret or intercede with our Gods for us, we are each entitled to make our own connection with the divine in our own way.

This might be through ritual, mediation or Magic.

Most witches will use a combination of different techniques at different times.

As Pagans and witches we do not have a book in the way the Christians have the Bible of Muslims have the Koran.

Books are plentiful on the subject of the craft, however it is up to those who wish to read some of these to make their own personal decisions and choices as to their relevance.

Each individual can has the right to choose the complexity of their rituals and the form their path will take.

For some this may mean working in a group or coven, where as others may choose a solitary path.

Some will seek to work with formalized Magic whilst others will prefer working closely with nature and using herbs to achieve their magic.

Witchcraft is a non proselytizing belief system in that most would feel that there is no need for every one to believe as we do in order to feel secure in our faith.

There is plenty of room in this world for everyone to find their own way of relating to the Divine.

In fact all religions have as much , if not more , in common than in difference. Bearing this in mind there is no reason not to encourage and celebrate a diversity of beliefs.

It is possible that it should be encouraged for people to experiment with different paths and make their own decisions based on their own needs.

There is generally not a need to convert or indoctrinate others to our beliefs.