Love Spell

This spell is performed on the first Friday night of a full moon at 10pm, or any Friday of
a waxing moon at 8am, 3pm, or 10pm. (Will work equally well with any day and at any
hour- do as you feel is right for you!) Warning: ​This spell is used to nudge someone
into action, not to bend will, but as always, consider karma and free will.
Set up altar and circle, call upon elementals and deities. Inscribe a red votive
candle with runic or other symbols of your choice for: joy, victory, the Goddess, the God
(and completion), love, good fortune, and union (sex magic). On a square piece of
parchment or red paper, draw two circles, one inside the other, and inscribe as shown:
Place a small cauldron on the pentagram on your paper. Set the red candle inside the
cauldron, light it and say:
Red candle burn bright as ​(name) is possessed
By burning love for me.
Let ​his/her desire burn for me as nothing has been desired before.
Let ​him/her burn with love for me.
If you have some small item of the intended’s, you may drop it into the flame at this
point and say:
This is ​(name) burning with love for me!
Sprinkle into the candle flame ½ tsp yarrow and ½ tsp marjoram, and say:
Bring the one I love to me and may the essence
of these herbs incite ​(name) to love only me.
One for love and one for marriage. Make two become one.
(add a marigold flower to the flame) So mote it be!
Let the candle burn 1 hour (at least) and check for signs. Put the candle out with a
snuffer and allow it to cool. Remove the wax from the cauldron, bury it in the earth, and
Here goes the seed into the fertile soil,
let the spell grow with naught to foil. So mote it be!
This spell can be performed at 8am or 3pm on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday,
symbolizing Mercury for skill and removal of debt, Jupiter for riches, or the sun for
fortune and money.
Set up altar and circle, calling upon elementals and deities, and use patchouli
incense on the altar for the element of air. The herbs in this spell are empowered by
mixing with the athame and passing the bowl through the representation of the
elements as you call upon them to charge the herbs with their power. Salt for earth,
candle flame for fire, incense for air, and blessed water for water.
Once this is done, sprinkle into a green candle anointed with bergamot oil, then
inscribed with symbols for the Lady, the Lord, victory, good fortune, prosperity, wealth,
and completion. Or they may be dropped into a simmering potpourri dish:
1 tsp allspice (may be omitted for potpourri)
1 tsp bergamot
1 tsp comfrey
1 tsp chamomile
1 tsp cinquefoil
1 tsp whole cloves (may be omitted for potpourri)
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp mint
1 tsp marjoram
If using potpourri, as you add herbs, say: With the power of air is the spell
carried, with the power of fire is the magic released, with the power of
water is the will spread, and with the power of earth is the goal brought
into being.
If using the candle method, drop herbs into the candle flame and say: With the power
of air is the spell carried, and with the power of fire is the magic released.
With your fingertip, dip into the bowl of altar water, let a drop fall into the melting
candle wax and say: With the power of water is the will spread.​ With the tip of
the athame, take a bit of altar salt and drop it into the melting wax and say: With the
power of earth is the goal brought into being.
With wand in hand, move it in a circular motion three times counter-clockwise
(matching the magnetic flow of the earth, so those in the southern hemisphere should
do this clockwise), directing energy into your candle or the potpourri pot, and say:
Let this spell be spread into the air;
Grant that nothing may my work impair;
Bring success and wealth to me,
As this I spell, so mote it be!
Let the magic work for 1 hour, then snuff candle and check the wax for signs and
symbols. With the potpourri method, put out the candle underneath and read the
pattern of herbs as you would read tea leaves.