Ritual and Spellwork

It might be said that Witchcraft, recognizes the laws of the Universe symbolically through the Goddess and God, the Wheel of the Year, and reverence for all living things.

Rituals performed in celebration of these aspects of the Universe may or may not involve magical work, as some Witches prefer to focus on what they view as the “spiritual” side of life. Witches, on the other hand, tend to blend ritual with magic, and may actually focus solely on working to transform reality for the benefit of themselves and others.

This doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t consider themselves spiritual. Indeed, if all matter contains all matter, then there really is no separation between spiritual concerns and the concerns of everyday life.

Whether or not magic is being worked in a given ritual, Witches tend to incorporate a few common structures in their formal activities, including casting a sacred or magical circle, invoking deities and/or particular powers using special words and phrases, and closing the circle at the end of the ritual.

Movement, dance, chanting or singing may also be part of the activities.

These formal steps communicate to the higher realms of the Universe the thoughts and intentions of the practitioner(s) in a focused and effective manner, concentrating the energies of intention clearly and definitively.

Energy, as physical matter, is raised in ritual and directed toward specific purposes, whether for gratitude and celebration, manifesting solutions to problems, or both