Home Blessing Ritual

Supplies Needed As Follows:

1.Small piece of Rose Quartz.


3.Small size bowl(Glass works best).

4.Sage(Smudge Stick).


6.White candle.

7.olive oil


9.Candle snuffer

10.Candle holder

11.Spring,river,creek,or rain water.(Living water always works best for me)!

12.Sea Salt

A.)Get all your supplies and take them to your Altar Area.

B.)Scratch A Pentagram in your white candle.

C.)Anoint your candle with Olive Oil.(Visualize A white light rubbing into the candle coming from within your Sacred Space)

D.)Place your Candle in the candle holder and light the candle.(Always Remember to use the proper protection needed with any magickal workings)

C.)Light your Frankincense,and go counterclockwise around the room until you complete A full circle.(This Cleanses your Sacred Space)!Place the incense on you altar.

D.)Now light the Sage bundle and go around the house clockwise stopping at every window/Door or the house drawing A pentagram in the Air.Visualize A white Blessing Energy taking the she of A pentagram as you draw it in the air covering the window/Or Door.

Complete the entire trip around the house until you get back where you started from.

E.)Once back at your Altar,pour the water you have collected in your bowl.

Place the rose Quartz in the bowl and sprinkle some sea salt on top.

D.)Now stick your right hand in the water and Stir while you visualize Sacred white,or pinkish energy forming in the bowl getting stronger with every stir.When you feel as if the energy can get no stronger,its charged.

You should feel A tingle in your hand at this point.

E.)Now you are ready to complete the home Blessing.Go Around the house and dip your hand in the water flicking the water everywhere as you Bless the house with your Magickally charged Rose quartz water.

(((Note))) it does not take much water for this purpose.Its like using Holy Water…

F.)You can stop at every entrance to the next room,Every door,And Window.Anoint them with A pentagram and move on.Concentrate on rooms with the most negative energy(Such as Places where people argue,or just has A negative vibe)

G.)Make it all the way around your house and back to your altar.At this point you may bottle any unused Rose Quartz Water to use for future Home Blessings,Or Blessing any items on your Altar.I like to keep things like this As A tool,and on my Altar.

H.)Keep the Rose Quartz as A (Talisman) Or your home Blessing.Keep it on your Altar beside your Rose Quartz Water.

I.)Snuff out your Candle,and light it every day until the candle burns all the way out.Its used like A daily Devotion to your Altar.You can also Add Another white candle and anoint it with the water you have made as A representation of your home blessing.(Giving thanks to Deity)!

*You can Always Invoke Any deity you like to assist you in any magickal workings.

*Also its best to write any Chants,or Incantations yourself.It adds intent and Personalization to any spell or Ritual!