Lughnasadh Rites and Rituals for a Hedgewitch

This is the time of the first harvest, when the wheat that has ripened in the summer months is ready for harvest, turning golden as the sun.

This is also when, hopefully, we begin to see the results of the work that we have done throughout the year.

Know, however, that there is still much work to be done, and we cannot rest on our laurels!

If you can, visit a field of wheat and pluck a few sheaves that have escaped the field boundary.

You will often find some growing on the verge next to a bridleway near a farmer’s field.

Take these home and soak them in water to make them pliable.

You can then plait them, weaving together your intention for the rest of the harvest season.

There are many different ways of making “corn dollies”; do some research and see what you are able to achieve in this traditional country craft.

You can keep the corn dolly until Samhain, when it can then be burned on the fire as the harvest is over and we must dream and scheme up new things for the coming year, or re-hash a plan that didn’t work and try again, gazing in to the fire as the dolly burns for insights as to how to proceed differently this time around.