Planetary Correspondence Saturn


Symbols Scythe, key, double axe
Deities Saturn, Kronos, Hera, Kali, Net
Archangel Cassiel
Day Saturday
Color Black
Number Three
Metal Lead
Stones Onyx, obsidian, jet, hematite, apache tear
Incense Patchouli, Myrrh
Plants Belladonna, hemlock, ladyslipper, yew
Trees Beech, yew, elm, ebony, cypress
Animals Goat, spider, goose, bat

Saturn is the planet of stability and restriction.

Its energies test our balance and endurance.

In some ways Saturn symbolizes time, which, with its ravenous appetite for life, devours all its creations.

Saturn, like time, brings restlessness, the sense of duration lasting from the moment of stimulus up to the peak of satisfaction.

Saturn is slow, deliberate, disciplined success.

Use Saturn to improve concentration, discipline a lazy mind, become better at work, and motivate yourself.