The Broom in Witchcraft

Perhaps the most common (and commonly misunderstood) symbol of Witches and Witchcraft in popular culture, the broom has been part of Witchcraft and other pagan lore around the world for centuries.

The sacred broom is not necessarily used in the formal Witches ritual itself but is often used to sweep energetic clutter from the ritual space beforehand.

The bristles don’t actually have to touch the ground, as this kind of cleansing is happening on the psychic and energetic level.

Because it serves as a purifier, it is associated with the element of Water and is sacred to the Goddess.

The broom can also be placed near the entrance to a home to guard against negative or unwanted energy.

The broom can be any size, from miniature “decorative” brooms to larger, full-sized brooms.

It might even be a tree branch used symbolically as a broom.

Traditional woods used for sacred brooms include birch, ash, and willow.

Many Witches keep hand-made brooms for ritual purposes, but a common household broom can also be dedicated to the work of Witchcraft.

No matter what type of material, however, the ritual broom is never used for everyday house cleaning, as this would contaminate the sacred energy it holds for ritual and magical purposes.