Making Coloured Sachets For Rituals

Making sachets for rituals is very simple.

If you are good at sewing, fold a rectangle of cloth and stitch the sides together, using a running stitch.

Alternatively, just place the herbs in the centre of a square piece of cloth, gather the corners together and tie them with three, six or nine knots.

The colour of the cloth should be appropriate to the healing need.

For a sachet to carry with you, your square of fabric should be about 10 cm by 25 cm (4 in by 10 in).

Make it larger if you want to hang it at home or keep it in a drawer.

Use a natural fabric, such as felt, wool or cotton.

Experiment with different sizes – you can make really tiny sachets to hide in a corner of your bag or in your undergarments or in the lining of a coat, and the size of the sachet has nothing to do with the potency.

Even a teaspoon of mixed herbs can be endowed with positive intent to protect, heal and give hope.

Fill your sachet with herbs that have been empowered.

For extra power, add a small crystal of the same colour as the cloth.

If you do not add essential oil in the empowerment, you may wish to add a drop or two of an appropriate fragrance before tying the sachet.

You may want to include a herb of protection in sachets made for other purposes, although most herbs do have a protective property along with their main magical use.

Carry sachets until they lose their fragrance. If the sachet represents a long-term objective, replace the herbs regularly.

Open the sachet, scatter some of the old herbs to the four winds, burn a few, bury some and dissolve the rest in water.

A sachet for a pet can be hung above its bed.

If you are healing absent people, animals or places, then you can wrap the herb sachet with a picture or symbol in white silk and keep it in a high place or put it in a small wooden box on your healing table.

Replace the herbs regularly, empowering new ones as before.

You can make herbal sleep pillows containing lavender, hops and aniseed and if you charge the herbs you can drive away bad dreams.