Planetary Days And Their Applications: The Moon

Monday, the day of the Moon, is for spells concerning the home, family matters, and the influence of the family, especially the mother, children, and animals.

Its prime focus is fertility and all the ebbs and flows of the human body, mind, and psyche.

It is also potent for protection, especially while traveling, for psychic development, clairvoyance, secrets and meaningful dreams, all sea and garden rituals and for herb magick and healing.

Although there are Moon Gods, lunar energies are primarily yin, female, and anima in both men and women.

Moon hour spells are good for bringing unconscious powers to the fore and thus also for gaining magical insights and for bringing wishes into actuality.




Silver or white, however, please note, some magical traditions that use the Triple Goddess in ritual dress show the Maiden in white, the Mother in red, and the Crone in black.


Moonstone, mother of pearl, pearl, selenite, opal Incenses: Jasmine, myrrh, mimosa


Willow, alder

Herbs and oils:

Chamomile, lotus, poppy, wintergreen



The Moon rules Cancer, 22 June-22 July, and its spells are particularly potent during that period and for all who are born under Cancer.