Guarding Against Psychic Attacks

Feeling protected from psychic attacks is important.

If you’re experiencing symptoms becoming aware of the psychic attack, through identification of the unusual events taking place, may help to diminish the effect of the attack.

Ask for guidance: Ask a spirit guide or guardian angel to help stop the attack and create protection.

Refrain from mirroring the attacker’s actions: Avoid sending similar energies or thoughts to the attacker.

Send loving thoughts: The attacker is the weaker one. Instead of returning thoughts of anger, hate, or fear, feel compassion toward the attacker. This type of light, love, and blessings can help the attacker see and heal their darkness.

Every time the attacker comes into your mind, imagine you are showering the attacker with the pure light of the universe.

Change the way light is sent by imagining it being sent in different ways.

Keep protection around you.

Be strong: The most important way to stay safe from the effect of a psychic attack is to be emotionally strong and stable.

Identify your emotional issues and fears with the goal to heal them.

This protection keeps the absorption and effects of negative energies to a minimum.