Planetary Qualities of Metals

Ever since Vulcan, son of Jupiter, created thunderbolts in his underground forge, the power of metal magick as been a closely guarded secret.

In Western alchemy, it was believed that the metals found on earth were influenced by their corresponding planetary rulers.

Each metal was then named after a planet, imbued with the planet’s attributes, and incorporated into daily life through the days of the week.

By using the corresponding metal, one was supposed to be able to control the forces that prevailed each day.


The metal of the sun, gold governs Sunday and is associated with strength, power, success, achievement, wealth, and masculine energy.


The metal of the moon, silver governs Monday and is associated with the feminine mystique, intuition, instinctive wisdom, spiritual and psychic understanding, fertility, and magick.


The metal of Mars, iron governs Tuesday and is associated with war and aggression.

It also stands against injustice and exudes masculine force and power.


The metal of Mercury, it governs Wednesday and is associated with communication, business, selling oneself, and being heard.

It holds the power of influence.


The metal of Jupiter, tin governs Thursday and is associated with wisdom, idealism, expansion, and ambition.

It is good for legal problems and careers and is a masculine force.


The metal of Venus governs Friday and matters of the heart, love, emotions, lust, sex, and fertility.

It is good for relationships and health and is a totally feminine force.


The metal of Saturn, lead governs Saturday and is associated with change, transition, formation through restriction, and learning through trial and error.

It is considered to be related to the first law of Karma: limitation.