Witchcraft Theory Practice and Meditation

Meditation is a very ancient technique that has been used worldwide by sages, magi, magicians, witches, wizards, and monks who have taught people who have in turn taught others.

The actual word “meditation” is a modern Westernized term for the taming of what could be considered a wild beast-the foreground of one’s mind.

There are degrees, or depths, of meditation that you will become aware of the more you practice this technique.

If you work on the premise of the circle again, then meditation is going within, first to keep within the bounds of that circle, and secondly, to reach the center.

Stop reading for a moment and close your eyes. You will be aware of myriad thoughts and impressions passing through your mindscape.

Try this at intervals during the day and behold! it has the same-constant mental activity.

One of the most difficult but necessary means of not only understanding your true nature but also of using the mindscape in practical magic is through this technique or its variation, contemplation,

This is in a field of either active or passive silence.”‘

Otherwise, all you are doing on your quest is accruing more and more external data for your mind to sift, sort, and categorize.

This is an addiction inherent in the current collection of the Western seeker-eclecticism ending up being a diffusion of personal power, as the individual who doesn’t stay with a Way can never master the tools
inherent in the deepening of that Way.

In the day-to-day round of most people’s lives, there are constant assaults on the emotions, body, creativity, and intellect.

Meditation is the art of halting and transforming these assaults through a positive act of will.

The result is not only coping with these assaults but riding them,as opposed to having them ride you, to the desired outcome with a tranquil mind.

Meditation and Ritual

It is necessary, within ritual, to be completely clear and centered in order to enable the work to proceed with profundity and intensity.

The center is like a doorway to things not currently recognized by the conscious mind.

It is your power pack and acts as a lever to not only affect your interactions with the mundane world, but to actualize reception and transmission of information and perceptions from other realms of reality.

The process of meditation is like a stimulant that helps your center open and close freely and intentionally and more obviously than before.