Witches Green Salt

Green Salt is used in magick and rituals by Pagans, Wiccans, Hoodoo practitioners, people who practice witchcraft and those who want a little psychic or spiritual help for its powerful abilities to attract money, wealth, good luck and abundance.

Magickal properties:

There’s an old folk saying which goes, “Salt does what you tell it to”.
Witches Green Salt is traditionally used for the attracting of good luck, prosperity, abundance and growth and in all types of money drawing spells, job hunting spells and good luck meditations.

•It is also used in nature and nature spells plus magick to help a project or goal come to fruition or as a good luck charm to give your luck a good boost.

Here’s a few magickal and ritual uses:

*Have a pinch of Green Witches Salt in your pocket in a small container when having important meetings about money.
*Sprinkle some onto your shoes when going to job interviews.
*Keep a sachet of Green Witches Salt with your gardening tools to help your gardening (however keep it away from plants),
*Add some to a moneybox or jar where you keep your cash or loose change.
*Sprinkle in your place of business.
*If you own a shop/market stall etc, sprinkle a little into your cash register.
*Sprinkle in your wallet or purse.
*Rub onto money before spending (or onto your credit/debit cards).
*Sprinkle in a pound sign on your altar and burn green candles over the symbol.
*Add a little to a money drawing mojo bag.
*Sprinkle a little Witches Green Salt on green crystals and money attracting talismans, for added power to attract money and wealth.
*Place a little Witches Green Salt on your altar during money attracting rituals.