disunion from the natural order

The Left Hand Path itself is the path of disunion from the natural order or Objective Universe. Witches, are considered wise unto their very name, which indicates and objective view of their own surroundings and life. Life is a great gift, even more so is the gift of freedom. Freedom is the chance to progress and develop ones own life in accordance to desire. A responsible and free individual stands at the gateway of possibility, from which limits are only placed by ones mind. To align ones own self with the natural order is to dissolve the essence, from which the consciousness would be devoured by the mind numbing devourer called Christianity, or the Right Hand Path. This is the very silk masked murdered of the self, which would caress us into the arms of the scorpion, which would destroy all of which we are to sacrifice the mind to the Void of Non-being.

The Left Hand Path is the strengthening of the mind, and the possibility of one becoming as a separate being, not in order with the natural universe, that he or she is uniquely different. This is the path of Lucifer and Lilith, those who stand within the dark wells and have illuminated the Black Flame of self-acknowledgement and the joys of the waking and dreaming worlds.

The Left Hand Path tests the individual, uniting the Demonic with the Angelic, and the balance between the two. It also frees one of the need for a spiritual father or mother, and to confirm responsibility and self-reliance by the individual themselves. That this is sometimes a lonely path is not a misstatement, but rather an angle of beauty of which we may seek comprehension of therein.