The Summer Solstice is a powerful gift of solar energy given to the world. The seasons do change as the planet orbits the sun and Gaia is bathed in light, seeded with the wind and quenched with the rain. Water aids growth and is the root of your inner magic, for the nature of water is the seed of all things. The earth is lush and fertile as the seasonal cycle reaches its peak, with the sun travelling in its longest majestic dance cleansing and bathing the world with light.

Allow this energy to transform your visions from one phase of being to the next. Let your hearts to be illuminated with the inner connection to your destiny through the miracle of manifestation that is etched upon the canvas of cosmic consciousness through your ‘awareness’. May your hearts be enchanted with the magic that this midsummer brings. And as the days become shorter, by the light of the stars that are seen in the night sky so shall your dreams be manifested.

Never forget, within the cycles of nature you can access your power with the deep inner connection of the glorious ebb and flow of life which attunes you to earth’s natural energy. Dreams are realised through your determination and focus, for the light of the sun’s rays will charge your hearts with creativity and manifestation to bring deep focus and positive energies into your life. Take some time today to reflect on your dreams and ground with the Earth.

You’re all a powerful force of nature and to move from the conscious to the subconscious you must harness a connection to all the elements.

For you’re all earth’s gems and the ‘salt of the earth’.