The Principle of Rhythm

This principle teaches us that everything flows and all things are in some way circular or cyclical. In order for our magick to be most effective, we must work with the natural rhythms of the seasons, the wheel of the year, the moon, and the

rhythm of our lives.

In the spring new life pushes its way into being. Energy, enthusiasm, and new beginnings are the tides of energy. In the summer there is bounty, passion, and growth. The fall brings a time to gather in—to celebrate harvest’s bounty and

prepare for the fallow time. In the winter we retreat to our warm homes to rest, study, and prepare. All of life exists within an order, or pattern, of cycles. The moon waxes and wanes, the seasons pass one into the other…everything has a cycle and a rhythm. As Witches, we follow those rhythms and ride the wave.