The Seven Hermetic Principles

Here are the seven classic Hermetic principles. I kept them as straightforward as possible.

The Principle of Mentalism

This is the first principle. It states that “all is mind”—that everything exists in the mind of the God/dess, or the divine consciousness. In her book Power of the Witch, Laurie Cabot writes of the first principle that “all creation is composed by

the Divine Mind.” In other words, the Goddess literally thought us into being. To comprehend this principle, you need to realize that we are filled with unlimited potential. Everything that is apparent to our physical, material senses

is spirit, and everything on the physical and the mental plane is in a process of evolution—which means that we, as Witches, are constantly evolving too. So open up your mind and let the knowledge in. The physical, or mundane, world

works by the laws of nature. However, the true nature of power and matter takes a back seat to the mastery of the mind. If your mind is leading the way, then you too can create anything with the power of your mind (to be continued…)