Rite of the Mountain

Light incense.

On a purple candle, inscribe the word mountain with a pin, nail, or clay inscribing tool.

Place the candle in a safe holder, and light.

Intone the following mountain charm:

Herbal magick, speak to me Of mountain’s sacred journey Of strength and will along the way Of choosing carefully what I say.

Treasures lie inside me Tonight I grasp my own true wealth And give to earth that magick seed To grow and thrive deep in me.

Thank you!

Mix coffee, sage, frankincense, and sandalwood, and “charm” it by using the following incantation:

Sacred Spirit, light the way Bless my work with herbs this day! Air bestowing … Sunlight glowing .. . Droplets flowing .. . 15 Earth for sowing … Moonlight nourish garden growing Hand of joy and heart of knowing LeafY vines and sweetened fruit Cast this pattern of pursuit!

Hedge Witch power I invoke

Heaven’s prayers like sacred smoke

Clear the way to manifest

That desire which I think best!

Empty the herbal mix in the cotton bag.

Insert the paper with the quality you wish to nurture and grow within yourself in the bag, along with a lock of your hair.

Tie the bag shut. Place it on the north edge of your altar.

Cover the bag by stacking the stones over it.

As you place each stone, either repeat the above mountain charm (the first incantation you spoke this evening) or repeat today’s affirmations, whichever applies best to you.

Then say:

“As surely as I have placed these rocks,

so will my desire manifest.

Thank you!

It always works.

Always a blessing.” Smile.

Sprinkle the stones with a bit of the water you prepared yesterday.

Pass the incense smoke over the stones.

Meditate for fifteen minutes on the meaning of a mountain in the life of a spiritual person.

Draw your mountain sigil on the other piece of paper, and put it underneath the top stone of the pile.

Copy the sigil in your journal.

Allow the candle to burn completely.

The following day, you may be filled with a new sense of purpose.

On the night of your final ceremony, you will uncover what you wish to grow inside of yourself  Before you drift off to sleep, close this evening by saying:

Peace with the Gods Peace with Nature Peace within. It always works. Always a blessing.