Hedgewitch: Your Personal Primal Language

Discussing the law of attraction and release based on your thoughts, words, and deeds and supported by your belief isn’t new.

It is very likely that it has been done for centuries through different venues, especially in magickal circles.

It is however possible to personalize your primal language for it to work for you continuously.

Many seekers try a technique for a month or two, have great success, and then something seems to go wrong.

Success is overshadowed by failure, and we find ourselves once again back at square one, debating on whether a particular technique really works for us and perhaps jousting once again with a nasty mental monster we just can’t seem to shake.

Some have been contemplating this problem for several years, as just like in everything else, no one human is like another, and therefore, no one human processes thoughts exactly like another.

Yes, we all have certain human capabilities in common (like breathing), but it is those nuances that make us so unique that also make our approach to the law of attraction exclusive unto ourselves.

If this is so, then how can everyone enjoy the laws of attraction and release equally?

By determining what specific words, thoughts, and actions have meaning to our personal way of thinking.

If we use our own favorite words, we can create emotional certainty ensuring that what we want, we will receive.

If we can keep that emotional certainty at full power for sixty-five seconds, what we want has already begun to manifest.

Once we have found those words and actions, using props and triggers-a motion of the hand, the scent of an herb, or the feel of a rock or crystal-helps to elongate a single thought, holding that heightened emotional certainty in place, giving us the necessary time for our desire to
take root.

These props or triggers can tie the unseen to the seen, the ephemeral to the physical, giving us an even flow of energy.

As above, so below.