Hedgewitch: Dollars and Cents Aren’t Always Required

Your response to my sofa story may have been, why didn’t you just go out and buy one?
Except the kind of sofa I wanted was a large purchase, and that costs money, doesn’t it? In a
marriage, you usually agree on large purchases, or maybe we just didn’t have the money for
a new sofa whenever we pleased. At the time, a new sofa was a luxury item, not a necessity
(well, I thought it was necessary, but he didn’t). The very, very cool thing about using primal
language is that you don’t worry about the money. Ever. You don’t ever think about how much
anything costs. Isn’t that cool? You just say what you want, and visualize the thing. As long as
you believe, one of four things happens …
You either get what you want for free, or
You get what you want at a price you can afford, or
You get the money to get what you want, or
You get something better than what you originally wanted.