Hedgewitch: Celebrating Your Personal Environment

Live your own wheel of the year as you feel most comfortable and secure. I have been
writing spiritual books for many years, and my work is read all over the world, which means
your climate and environment may be very different from mine. Although I built the HedgeWitchery concept here in south central Pennsylvania, you are not confined to my climate,
seasons, plant or herbal choices, or spiritual beliefs. In this material, substitutions are expected
and encouraged. For example, if a cleansing recipe calls for lemon balm herb and you haven’t
grown it yourself or can’t easily obtain it, choose something similar that has the same type of
properties. Let’s say you live in a country where lemons are commonly used in your cleansing
formulas-then choose lemons instead. For substitutions in any food recipe (like the magickal
vinegars), take care that your substitutions are not poisonous. The best way to do this is to
check out the herbs at your nearest grocer or open-air market. Remember, magick is all about
the mind and your connection to the source; everything else is secondary. View HedgeWitchery as a framework from which to grow your own glorious garden of life.
Take a moment to visualize the massive gates of the HedgeWitch Academy swinging open
for you. Breathe deeply, and step inside.