Cursing Someone

If you are here thinking that I will tell you how to curse someone then I’m afraid that you are on the wrong page as that would be irresponsible, this short note is to make you think about your actions before you do something that you may soon regret.

Putting a curse on somebody is by far the hardest thing a witch can do to someone, as most if not all true witches are extremely magnanimous and will only harm if harm was done to them, but there is more to cursing than many people think.

The first thing you need to know about cursing is what to expect, not just to the person that is being cursed but what will happen to the person who makes the curse, and before you say it, NO I am not talking about the 3 fold law. I am talking about the fallout, a curse is revenge or vengeance, and it is nothing more than pure hate at work.

So what will happen to a person should you curse them, for a curse to work efficiently the person being cursed needs to know that you have cursed them. Depending on the mental state and their own beliefs of the person being cursed will depend on the outcome.

Best case scenario is that they have a run of bad luck and may think it is just that, or it is the curse at work. Now the worst case that I have heard of is someone actually dying of sheer terror as they believed in the curse so much they gave themselves a heart attack.

What you need to think about is how are you going to feel and how it will affect you for the rest of your life knowing that your curse seriously hurt somebody, like them being knocked down by a car and then living the rest of their lives in a wheelchair as they was pre-occupied at the time thinking about being cursed and they didn’t look where they was going.

There are always going to be consequences when you are using magic of any sort and a curse is by far one of the biggest, my advice is don’t curse unless you can handle the fallout and that the person in question truly deserves it.