Cursed Objects

Everything in our know universe is made from either matter or energy, in witchcraft energy can be bestowed on an object, and if that energy is negative and prolonged enough like hate then the will and intent of the witch can be imprinted on an object and cursing it.

As I have said in the past curses on people cannot be broken unless broken by the witch who cursed you, cursed objects on the other hand can be broken and are broken by using the 4 elements, Earth, Air, Fire & Water.

Get the cursed object to hand and first burn it in the flames of a fire, then soak the object in salt water from the sea, let it dry out in the open air and once dried bury the object in the ground. If you wish to at this point you can make up your own incantation making sure that the curse itself remains anchored firmly in the ground to which it was bestowed should it ever be found and dug up again.