The Blood of Wolves

In the ancient witchcraft religion (Yatuk), Persian Sorcerers used blood of wolves (who are sacred to Ahriman) to call upon darkness. Ahriman was probably in this sense, one of the first Vampyre forms of ancient history. While similar to other fallen angels such as Azazel/Iblis or Lucifer, there is a strong separation of Ahriman from such fire djinn. The reason for this is that Ahriman is of death and shade, a black flame of essence hidden by the cloak of darkness. Iblis/Azazel/Lucifer is an Angel of Light, self-liberation and illumination of knowledge (Gnosis). In this however, do not dismiss the forces of darkness, they are essential to ones own individual initiation and growth. It is in the darkness that the roots give the nourishment for the tree to reach for the Sun.

Ahriman is thus a form of the Vampyre, the shadow which grows in the darkness and solitude of psychic seclusion, isolation and loneliness. Many forms may be taken by Ahriman, from Toad to Dragon, Shadow and Wolf. Ahriman is the model for our Nightside Primal Conscious, the kingdom of the demonium or infernal realm. This is not a moralistic Evil designed to perform harmful deeds against others, but rather a model of self-initiation from which the essence is awakened or discovered through the opposite. The offuscation of the self or Lunar Eclipse is the night – calling of both Ahriman and Az, from which through the Vampyric transformation of self can one reach the consort of Ahriman, known as AZ.