Purpose and Focus: Be clear with your intention. What is the purpose of the ritual? Are you focused? Did you take a moment to ground and center and to put aside all negativity? Do not focus on fears or wants. Focus on abundance happiness, positive change, and prosperity. Now ask yourself if your intention is pure. Are you sincere?

The phrase “know thyself” was inscribed on an ancient temple at Delphi. That phrase is an elegant way of reminding you to be balanced and ethical. This is important. You need to be focused and have yourself in a calm, centered state. This is a requirement for altered consciousness. It is easy to

forget in the heat of the moment or in the rush to work a quick spell, but do your best to be calm and centered. Take a moment and clear your mind. Find your focus.

Intention and Will: Know your exact intention. Visualize! If you are going to will positive change into your life, then you must have the determination to succeed plus the strength to live your life as a successful, prosperous, and generous person. Focusing your will is a test of your personal strength and of

your goal to bring positive change into your world. Thought creates. If you have a positive intention and have focused your will, then directing the energy of the spell will be smooth and effortless.

Raising Personal Vibrations: This flows right after the previous two. Happy, upbeat energetic vibrations build powerful, effective prosperity-attracting thoughtforms. Whatever you are feeling emotionally at the time of the spell

will affect the outcome of the magick. Think about the hard lesson I rel-earned in the introduction. Recall the principle of vibration. Build those positive thoughtforms well and get ready to release them out into the world to effect a positive change.

Sacred Space: Spells and rituals cause a change in consciousness, as they take place outside of ordinary life. Wherever you choose to work your witchery and prosperity magick, make it a sacred space. Set up an attractive and

inspiring work surface. By this I mean a clean, happy, pleasant environment, whether you cast in your home or out on your porch, deck, or in the garden. Sacred space is defined as an area that is natural, clean, beautiful, and


Supplies: Most rituals employ complementary colored candles, oils, herbs, crystals, and other props. Your supplies should correspond and be harmonious with your intention. Just as was discussed earlier with the principles of

correspondence and vibration, the supplies should be in tune with each other, having the same sort of energy and vibration, for best results.

Timing: It is often remarked that timing is everything, and that is certainly the case with magick. When it comes to magickal timing for your prosperity spells, I am breaking it down into two main categories: the waxing or waning

moon and the most favorable days of the week.

Waxing Moon: The waxing moon pulls prosperity in. When the moon is waxing (increasing) in the sky, it’s going from new moon to full moon phase. This is the best time for spells that call for increase, expansion, new opportunities, and financial growth.

Waning Moon: The waning moon banishes poverty. When the moon is waning (decreasing) in the sky, it’s going from full moon to new moon phase. This is the perfect time for magick that decreases debt, diminishes worry, and removes obstacles to your success. Work with the tides of the

moon, not against them. Consider the Hermetic principle of rhythm.

Specific Days of the Week: Sometimes we do not have the option of waiting for the correct moon phase. We do, however, have the opportunity to work with astrological energies and daily correspondences. The most opportune

days of the week for abundance and prosperity magick are Sunday (the sun’s day for success and wealth) and Thursday (Jupiter’s day for prosperity and abundance). Consider the principle of correspondence.