Suggestions for your Magickal Cabinet

Over time you may collect all kinds of tools and equipment to use as you make magickal herbal items, amulets, charge candles for magickal purposes, and much more.

Here is a listing of the basics that you will want to have on hand to always be ready to practice your Craft!


You may want to have at least one herb or resin for each planetary energy so that you are prepared to create any incense, herbal amulet, or poppet whenever the need arises.

For example, Frankincense resin can be used for the sun (success, personal power),

Myrrh resin may be used for the moon (psychic ability, subconscious, dreams),

Red Sandalwood for Mars (energy, courage, protection),

Cinnamon for Mercury (memory, mental sharpness),

Cedar for Jupiter (abundance, growth),

Rose for Venus (love, beauty, art),

Patchouli for Saturn (grounding, protection),

White Willow for Neptune (inspiration),

Nutmeg for Uranus (change, health, visions)

Poppy seeds for Pluto (inner knowledge, karma).

Eventually, it may be an idea to purchase a Mortar and Pestle to Mix and Prepare your herbs

Essential Oils.

The following oils are merely suggestions in order to be able to create ritual oil blends and bath salts,  to add to your rituals.

Frankincense oil for the Sun,

White Sandalwood oil for the Moon,

Honeysuckle oil for Mars,

Lavender oil for Mercury,

Magnolia oil for Jupiter,

Rose oil for Venus,

Patchouli oil for Saturn,

Wisteria oil for Neptune,

Allspice oil for Uranus,

Musk oil for Pluto.

You may also want to have lots of jars, vials, and small containers in which to store your herbal creations.

Keep your herbs and herbal mixtures in a cool, dark, dry place and they’ll last much longer.


Keep on hand these colors –

white (purification),

black (blocking),

green (prosperity, health),

blue (peace, tranquility),

orange (energy, vitality),

pink (love, beauty)

purple (spiritual evolution, meditation).

You may well be purchasing other colors as you develop rituals you want to do, however, the above colors will cover just about anything you may run up against within your rituals and spells.

You may also wish to acquire some candle snuffer matches as well as candle holders.


You may wish to use a small box to keep your charcoal, matches, and lighter in. As well as your sand to set your hot charcoal down and your incense burner.

At times you may choose to burn just Frankincense resin or just Myrrh resin for purification purposes.

It’s a good idea to have an incense spoon to dish out a small number of your incenses so you don’t get incense stuck under your fingernails.

You’ll also want a few small containers to place your incense in on your altar at each ritual.

You may end up with more than one Altar cloth. If this is the case you may want to color-coordinate your altar cloths with the type of energy you’re invoking at various rituals.

It is an idea to have at least one black altar cloth around three foot square for general purposes.

Keep on hand sea salt and spring water for cleansing the energy of objects and casting your Circle.

You’ll need a small container to place your salt in for use on your altar.

Generally speaking, you’ll be using your chalice on your altar to contain your water for cleansing.

You’ll need parchment and a pen for drawing talismans and writing spells.

Some people like to use feather quills and magickal ink for this type of work but you can also use a good quality pen or Sharpies in different colors, too.

Crystals and Stones for General Spellwork.

Jade or green Aventurine for prosperity;

Hematite or Onyx for protection and grounding;

Carnelian or Gold Tiger’s Eye for healing;

Amethyst or Moonstone for meditation or spiritual work.

Get some cord or ribbbon ( possibly non-synthetic) in various colors for tying up herbal amulet bags or cord magick.

You’ll want at least one divination device so you can get information about various things.

This means information about what is going on in your life or to help you decide the best approach for a ritual.

The most commonly used divination tools are Tarot Decks, Pendulums, crystal balls and Rune Stones.

You may wish to acquire a Ritual robe or Tabard.

Ritual robes can be hooded or not as you prefer and tend to slip over the head.

Tabards are robes that are open in the front.

You can never have enough small Storage boxes for candles, incenses, stones, and all of the other accouterments you will collect over time.

Background music can be used to cover up outside noises of sirens, barking dogs, and so on while you are in Circle.

Of course, you’ll also have your Elemental Tools in your Witch’s Cabinet:

Athame (ritual knife),

Wand, Chalice (keep two – one for strictly ceremonial use and the other to mix potions in or scry with), and Pentacle.

You can use a Book of Shadows to record your workings and spells.

As well as a blank book as well for your ongoing thoughts and projects.

Once you have something worked out on paper, you can transfer the information neatly to your permanent Book of Shadows.

Initially, due to space limitations or budget, you may just store your tools and accouterments in a cardboard or plastic storage container that you can obtain at your local hardware store.

Once you have gotten out all of the things you need for a particular work, you can cover this storage box with your altar cloth and use it as your altar as well.

Eventually, you may need an actual cabinet, as it’s amazing how much stuff a Witch can collect!