Frugal magick, Does it work

There are many books to read, pre-made spells, and lots of verbal advice about which herbs to use and how to create a spell using sympathetic magick.

Most of them call for supplies that are next to impossible to get in your area, unfamiliar to you, and, therefore, have little to no meaning to you, or are just plain expensive.

A lot of Pagan Witches live on a tight budget and don’t have the extra cash to purchase tools or supplies that a given spell may call for.

If you are thinking you must have money to be a witch, the truth is maybe you can be homeless, penniless, or just plain frugal and still work effective magick without buying anything.

So, how does a homeless, penniless, frugal witch do magick without even a candle?

What is the secret?

There are only a few things that are actually needed to work magick and these things are free.

You will need belief, imagination, will, focus, and desire and it is also good to have a moment of undisturbed time to work the spell.

These are the things that hold the power to your spells.

Do they really work without candles, herbs, and charms?

Yes, they do.

Using items to help you focus, believe, imagine, etc. are very helpful and do add a little ambiance to your spells but they are not necessary.

If you have a need to be frugal, you can also use items you may already have on hand.

An emergency candle, for example, is usually white and works with almost any spell or ritual.

You can perform a reflection spell that requires a mirror with an old compact mirror that comes with face powder.

This item is usually discarded, but you can always keep the little mirror.

You can clean it up, remove any dirt, smudges, or makeup left behind.

Something as plain as a disused makeup mirror is the only item that was needed for a simple spell.

You do not need to run out and buy candles, herbs, stones, string, or anything.

You can keep your spells simple.

Chants work really well for just about anything.

Ritual supplies are the same.

You can use mundane things such as a letter opener for your athame, a wine glass for your chalice, and most of your items you can make yourself such as a wand or staff.

The items you make can be as simple or elaborate as you want them to be.

Your finger works just as well to call guardians or cast a circle.

The gods and goddesses don’t really care about how expensive your tools are or how elaborate they are.

They don’t even care if you have anything at all.

They are simply there for you.

That means, that whatever meaning you put on your tools if you even choose to have tools, is what truly matters.

To be a witch, you don’t have to dress in black or any specific way or own specific items or any of that.

A witch can dress and acts the way they feel, believe, enjoy, or just their own style.

Some have short hair and some have long. Some dress professionally, some wear jeans, and some dress like a neo-hippy, goth, or even steampunk.

It doesn’t make them any more or less of a witch.

And this includes both male and female witches.

Who and what you are comes from within you and so does your power.