Witchcraft The Disciplines

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Hailed, and walled, with garnet and with topaz

The Temples of my Family!

Deep in scarlet velvet and in black

Come lay with me

Entwine and sweat and softly moan before the Fire;

Beneath the Veil of candles

Lit to show the Way

But slightly, darkly

Unto the music of ghosts;

Unto the ringing of bells within the Shrine

All-hallowed in the rapture

Of the Legend of the Vine

Saved from bleak mortality

By drinking from the Chalice

Of the twice-born; blood turned wine.

And so the Light and Dark were joined for a while

just long enough for each of Them to remember that their purpose was not to hate each other, nor disdain each the other, but to love each of the other simply because they were not each other.

Somehow it all got so messed up, so complicated, so confusing; they were never meant to be enemies

whatever gave us that idea?