Contemplation in Witchcraft

Contemplation is a very natural way of focusing and inspiring the mindscape.

It is best accessed through an activity (sometimes repetitive) that doesn’t require the mental concentration of reading or learning (e.g., rocking, watching a fire, simple weaving, unhurried gardening, unhurried cleaning, unhurried, purposeless walking).

Contemplation is a time-to-spare active meditation that also gives surcease to foreground mental activity.

Out of all of the above, I recommend rocking (preferably in a rocking chair) where no interruption will occur.

Issues will arise that require resolution, and in the state of contemplation, they will be resolved.

Restraints of consciousness will be recognized in this state; doubts in relation to one’s integrity can be addressed here; lies that we perpetuate, or that are perpetuated against us, will come into the full light of awareness.

In a state of true contemplation, revelation can also occur, and the space to create change in accordance with these realizations is available.