Witchcraft & Service

Let’s not confuse the word service with the word servitude.

You service the forces with which you interrelate.

You are in service to life itself.

This is our deity, which we consider both our Goddess and our God.

This is Witchcraft at the core.

Your service is to the truth of that which you perpetuate and the need to be on call when you are moved by the intelligence of these forces.

Nothing is required beyond the truth,

and while the truth may be exceedingly confrontational to either you or another,

it does not engender harm.

You will strive to dispel unwarranted fear by reaching beyond the face of fear to seek its source.

It is knowledge and understanding of ourselves at the very source that is contacted through confrontation with adversity (the dark faces of Goddess and God).

To know and understand what it is that engenders fear enables us to penetrate and address perceived inadequacies where possible,

hence to grow beyond what we thought we were.

You will seek to remain unattached to the outcomes of your endeavors,

knowing that the above has been understood;

for to do other w0uld be to become entrapped in a place of resentment, blame, or rejection.

You may have fixed concepts about what you believe will provide happiness, and this may be a false focus.

You will trust that the thrust of your destiny, which places you in a situation you don’t consciously want to be in, is leading you on your quest.

At all times, when these events occur, you will seek to understand why without necessarily comprehending the entirety of the process, as this will, in retrospect, become obvious in its patterning.

You will most certainly consider the phrase “your gods will not barter,” because they won’t־no matter how you moan.

Personal gain may not come to you in material form; that is a limited ideology of wealth-the universe does not necessarily consider the need for payment for services rendered in recognizable goods.

Know the Law of Congruity! Understanding yourself is the first key; seeking to reconcile seeming opposites is the second key; coming to know that, and how, magic works is the third key.