A Sun Magick Ritual For Energy

Because it can be dangerous to look directly at the Sun, catch your sunlight close to noon in a large crystal or in water in a brass dish.

As before, ‘inhale’ the sunlight via the crystal or water with your eyes open.

Hold the Sun breath, counting ‘One and two and three’, then close your eyes and exhale the darkness of your doubt, anger or lack of confidence. With practice, this will become a single movement.

Continue until you are filled with light and energy, then exhale a Sun breath, directing it to someone who is exhausted, frightened or ill.

Inhale the Sun and again exhale it towards a person or people in need.

Rinse your face in the Sun water, then tip the rest into the ground to energize a plant.

Whenever you feel tired, recall the Sun and inhale its light in your mind’s vision.

Repeat both these intakes of power once every month. If you have a particularly stressful or challenging time, hold a moonstone for your Moon energies in your power hand.

Hold a sparkling crystal quartz for the Sun in the other (receptive) hand to boost the flow as you visualize the natural sources.

In this way, you can balance the energies in both spheres of the brain for integrated mind and soul flow.