Witchcraft in Brief

Witchcraft is the ability to harness and use the powers of nature and one’s own personal energy in order to create a desired effect in the

It is ancient and found the world over, in various forms under different names and titles.

It is often seen as an innate ability, something that one is born with and which may be passed down through generations.

We often hear the term “Wise Woman” or “Wise Man” (the “Cunning Folk”) to describe a witch practicing in her or his community.

This would have been someone knowledgeable in herbal healing or midwifery, or speaking with animals, or casting spells and charms or being able to divine the future through weather patterns.

In the Middle Ages up until the present moment, Witchcraft was demonized as the Christian faith sought to exude total power and control.

However, nature is resilient, and so too were/are Witches.

Some of the magic and charms performed have been kept and passed down through folklore and fairy tales.

Some lucky families may have kept a tradition alive by passing down wisdom through the bloodline.

Though there is no “unbroken lineage” of Witchcraft per se, we can still find fragments and use our instinct and intuition, with the help of guides along the way to enable us to recover and redefine what is often called “The Old Ways”.

Witchcraft in itself was not known as a religion, but a practice or art.