Deity – The Laws

The Laws of the Universe are created in such a way that nothing escapes punishment and no good deed goes unrewarded. The Deity lives in everything that exists and is therefore omnipresent. It is believed that the laws of the universe are to keep a perfect balance. If the balance of life, peace, love, hate, comfort, sleep, rest, action, force etc. is tipped, it may only be tipped back by forcing the soul that has tipped it to live through the life of the person, or persons, that have been affected.

A fine example of the tipping of the great scale of life is murder. If a person kills someone it is believed that the deity will take the soul of the killer and place them in the lives of all of their victims. In the end, the killer hasn’t killed anyone but themselves. This is how the deities keep balance in the universe, by forcing the law of justice to unfold so that each person who has had their scale tipped, may find their scale tipped again to where it was when it was created.

Of you can,  envision everyone as a spirit inside of a giant bubble. Every Bubble is inside of another bubble and when one bubble is moving around and rams into another bubble they bounce and hit all the bubbles around them. It could be family, friends, loved ones, anyone. Anyone can be a bubble who is affected by another bubble. But once the edge decides it’s the limit, then they all hit the edge and bounce back with an equal force to the original push, causing a balance.

Nothing should be kept out of harmony. Disrupting harmony can be very easy to do. Anything that has caused movement on the earth has the ability to upset the balance has disrupted harmony. The question is, was it severe enough to cause one spirit to call the deity down to oversee a matter? The answer is, has the balance in a person’s life, any balance, been tipped by an outside force? If yes, then yes, there will be consequences. Consequences can be both good and bad. Just as you may damage someone’s life, you may also bless it as well and living through that is a reward in itself.