Writing your own Spells 1.2 Focusing your Intentions

1 –Meditate to clear your mind and prepare yourself for spiritual work. Before you start writing your spell, meditate for at least 10 minutes to open your mind. Sit or stand in a comfortable position, then close your eyes. Focus on your breath and clear your mind. If your mind wanders, bring it back to your breath.

2 — Create the right atmosphere for inspiring spell work if you like. While this is optional, surrounding yourself with items that inspire you might help you focus on your intention and find the words for your spell. Choose items that help you connect with your spiritual side. Here are some suggestions:

• Arrange crystals that help you feel inspired, like quartz or amethyst.
• Light a white, blue, or purple candle for inspiration.
• Light a stick of incense.
• Sip on a tea that calms your mind, like peppermint or chamomile.

3 — Write down your intention for the spell. Your intention is your goal for doing the spell. Decide what you hope to achieve through your spell. Then, write a clear, specific explanation of your intention. Place the intention where you can see it so you can stay focused on it.
It’s believed that a vague intention increases the risk of unintended consequences, so make sure it’s well-worded.

Your intention might be, “I want to draw money to me,” “I want to find love,” “I want to boost my motivation to work toward a goal,” or “I want to banish negative influences from my life.”

Focus on spell outcomes that are realistic. While magical workers believe in the power of spells, there are some things you can’t get a spell to do for you. For instance, there’s no spell to help you fly or grow taller. Focus your spell work on things you can change, like your love life or job prospects. For instance, let’s say you want to go visit your friend who lives out of town but don’t have a ride. You might do a spell to help you find transportation. However, it wouldn’t be helpful to do a spell to help you fly or teleport.

4 — Open your spell to desired possibilities. While you want to be specific when setting your intention, don’t mention a single possible outcome. There may be ways for you to achieve your purpose that you don’t know about yet, so don’t limit your spell’s outcome. Giving the universe room to work may increase your chances of success, so focus on your intention rather than how you achieve it. For instance, let’s say you want to make more money. Don’t write a spell to get a raise because that limits your possible outcomes. Instead, focus on attracting more money without generating harm. This way you might also find a better job, get a promotion, or find a side hustle that you like.