Protection Magick 1.3 : Pushing your Limits

As a magickal practitioner and a Witch, you are a beacon of light. You will attract the attention of all sorts of physical beings on this earthly plane as well as the attention of beings on the spiritual plane. Those who practice the Craft and live their life in a positive, life-affirming way will attract other lights into their worlds. They will also, from time to time, attract the shadows. Learning how to deal with and conquer those shadows in a balanced way is an important part of the Craft and your training.

For those of us who take our Craft seriously, and who work to live our magickal lives with honor and integrity, dealing with this topic is an emotional one. To live as a Witch is to grow and to gain experience in the Craft. You are always learning, training, and pushing yourself into uncharted territories beyond the boundaries of what is comfortable. As students of the magickal arts, we are always striving to remake ourselves. We have to battle against our own tempers, shortcomings, insecurities, and fears, and go beyond our limits to transform who
we are.

Pushing your limits is part of every Witch’s training. Taking a realistic and serious look at psychic selfdefense and protection magick is yet another step along your journey. Truthfully, in one way or another as a magickal practitioner, you will indeed have to protect or defend yourself on a psychic or magick level eventually.

Yes, we all have to go through the various stages of denial, fear, anger, and then acceptance. Then, once you realize what the problem is, you can finally stopped wringing your hands, second-guessing yourself, and wondering what in the hell is happening to your world. It’s also time to take a deep breath, take a hard look at where you are standing at the moment, and then start asking yourself a few tough questions.