White Goddess Nightmare Spell

Everyone has the occasional nightmare, but you can use
this spell if you are afflicted with bad dreams. Nightmares
can be stubborn, so the spell takes three days to complete. It
can be cast at any time but is best begun one week after the
Full Moon (use a calendar to time it). You will need:
a besom(A brand-new broomcan be substituted.)
a white candle
several sprigs of fresh rosemary or a handful of dried
rosemary (Anise or aniseed could be substituted.)
a pentacle (A fancy one is great, but the
symbol drawn on a piece of paper will do.)
white ribbon
enough chamomile to make three cups of tea
Optional: rosemary incense (Cedar could be
Get out your besom, and tie a white ribbon around the
handle, where it joins the bristles. Hold the broom in both
hands. Face each direction in turn, beginning with North,
and say, “I dedicate this broom to the White Goddess.”
Place the broomnear or behind the door to your bedroom(or
wherever you usually sleep) in a place where it can remain
undisturbed for three days.
If you are using incense, open a window, and burn it in
your bedroom. Take the besom, and hold it over the smoke
for a while to smudge it, then return it to its place by the
door. If you are not using incense, proceed to this next part
of the spell.
Assemble the candle, the rosemary, and the pentacle on
your altar or other working surface. Get into a magickal
mood, and create sacred space. Put the pentacle on the altar,
and place the white candle in its center. Work widdershins to
arrange the rosemary in a circle around the candle.
The Spell
Raise power and light the candle. While it burns, say:
Khmara shall not torture me,
And I shall not torture myself.
By the White Goddess, I banish my nightmares.
In sleep, let me not find them;
By day, let me not mind them;
Finally, let Niorun bind them.
Khmara shall not torture me,
And I shall not torture myself.
By the White Goddess,
My nightmares are banished.
So mote it be!
When the candle has burned down, ground the power that
you raised. Make certain that the candle is completely
extinguished, then put its remains anywhere in your
bedroom. Place the pentacle under your bed (or beneath
your mattress), with its top point facing the foot of the bed.
You are working a banishing, so it is important for the
pentacle to be placed that way.
If you have used fresh rosemary, tie the sprigs into a
bunch with some white ribbon, and hang it over your bed. If
you have used dried rosemary, divide it into five roughly
equal piles. Place one pile in each of the four corners of your
bedroom, and place the fifth pile under your bed, atop the
pentacle. Ground the power that you raised.
Make yourself a cup of chamomile tea at bedtime. If you
have a white mug or teacup, use that. Say the words of the
spell aloud between sips of the tea, then go to bed.
The Spell
You should feel good when you wake up. If you had a
disturbing dream, it should have been less intense than
usual. Open a window. Take the besom, and sweep your
entire room, sweeping toward the doorway. This is psychic
sweeping, so the bristles needn’t touch the floor. As you
work, visualize the roombeing cleared of all negative energy.
Chant this sweeping spell as you work:
Besom, besom, White Goddess broom,
Sweep all nightmares from this room.
When you finish, stand in the doorway. Regard the room
and your bed. The atmosphere should feel lighter, and you
should feelstrong and positive.
Drink the tea and say the spell at bedtime. Each morning,
sweep out your room while you chant the sweeping spell.
You should be free of nightmares by the third night. The
candle can then be discarded, and the pentacle thrown away
or put back in its usual place. The besom is now sacred to
the White Goddess, so keep it separate fromyour household
tools, and reserve it exclusively for magickal use. Leave the
rosemary in your bedroomfor as long as possible.
If the nightmares return within six months of casting this
spell, you’re dealing with something that you need to
consult a doctor about. You stated that you would not harm
yourself in the spell, so if the nightmares come back, it’s
your higher self directing you to seek medical care.
If you cannot find a doctor who can help you, seek
treatment from a mental health practitioner. If you have been
there and done that but still the nightmares persist, they may
be caused by something that happened in a previous life—
something important enough to come through to this
incarnation. If you suspect that may be the case, seek out a
reputable pastlife therapist.