Ingredients for Protection

*The following is a summary of various ingredients used in protection during ritual,casting spells,meditation and anything else Magickal!

These are the one’s that I personally prefer,however there are a variety of different items and herbs used for protection purposes.

Sea Salt-Used when casting circles to form a protective barrier between you and the mundane world. Also used in creating holy water and banishing negativity! (Associated with the Water Element)!
Cinnamon-Cinnamon is used in a variety of magickal uses. In this case it’s used for protection. Since Cinnamon is a natural stimulate its the perfect spice to use for awareness of danger. It also has it’s natural heating ability within itself. It is sprinkled around the protective circle,doors,windows and often on the edge of property lines to ward off evil spirits. (Associated with the Fire Element)!
Basil-Used in protection in many different ways. Basil can be sprinkled around the protective circle, it can be burned in a fire safe container to ward off evil and even sprinkled around windows, doorways! (Associated with the Earth Element)!
Oak and Hickory leaves-The use of these trees go all the way back to ancient times and have been considered very masculine and desired by our ancient ancestors. These trees were used in the construction of holy places such as temples,churches and ritual sites. The Norseman treasured the Oak tree mainly cause it was considered Thors tree. The reason for this is because it was one of the tallest trees and the one most struck by lightning. Directly associated with Thor. Hickory was used also during ritual to cook the sacrificial animals that were slaughtered and eaten within Sacred Space. The way to use these trees for protection is to have several Oak and or Hickory leaves spread about your altar. (Directly associated with the Fire Element)!
Red/Orange Candle-Red candles are used on your altar or within your ritual area for protection through the Fire Element. Since red represents fire and so does Orange either or can be used. What we are actually doing is evoking the Fire Elementals. Yes I said Elementals.They are quite different from the the Elements.The Elementals are protective beings that live within each of the elements on the specific plane. For example the Fire Elementals are known as the Salamanders. The are salamanders walk on their back legs and are seen dancing around the need fire that represents our protection circle. They are dancing to the beat of drums. (Associated with the Fire Element)!
Bloodstone-A stone made of quartz silica melted in geothermic fishers created from the heat of lava within the earths plates crust. It is a stone associated with banishing evil, exorcism, and often worn or kept on your altar for added protection. It is by far one of my favorites and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants that added blanket of security. (Directly associated with the Fire Element)!
Obsidian-Obsidian is a stone that has been turned into black glass from the high tempature of a volcano. It is found in places like Northern California high in the mountains from a place called glass mountain. It is by far also one of my favorites to place on altars and worn in rings. Its also a good stone to use for transformation. (Associated with the Fire Element)!