Runes: Runa, Raidho, Rad, Raido

Raido is the rune of the cartwheel, the rune of movement, of locomotion, a rune linked to all forms of transport, Our journey on earth, and our inner journey.

Raido in a normal position invites us to continue our journey and talks about travels, astral, and physical.


Spiritually it tells us about our internal compass, it is a rune of cyclical movement, it speaks of the travels and locomotion and movements that we make of our will, from trips that can bring benefits to beneficial changes.

Here is the movement, which is the energy of the rune, our coming and going, And whether we will make a good journey. If we take the right direction, being patient when needed and knowing that patience brings rewards we can then assess the journey.

Your movements come and go to the directions and our opening to the new.

Many may lose the new that comes to us in motion out of fear.

So it may be good to boldly take the reins and initiatives as and when necessary.