Magickal Symbolism Of Birds

Birds can appear to us either in our physical world, in dreams, or during meditation, to deliver messages or help us find what we may be missing in our lives. The bird could appear just the once to deliver the message and then fly along, or it may stick around and act as a guide.

One of the most difficult things to deduce is whether your visitation is mundane or spiritual, especially where species of bird are more abundant than others. All I can say is, you will know. I know that sounds like a bit of a cop-out, but each person’s intuition talks to them in a different way, and each person’s experience is unique.

If there is a certain quality you are lacking in your life, you could call on the spirit of one of the birds below to guide you.

Albatross: The albatross is associated with the element of water, specifically the sea, and so can aid in any sort of water magicks (plus weather magick). The albatross makes a good guide if you are feeling lost, confused or unsatisfied with life. The albatross is also connected to emotions, and can help us connect with, express, and manage our emotions with grace and dignity, instead of keeping them bottled up.

Blackbird: The blackbird represents a shift in perception in a spiritual and magickal sense. It stirs our psychic abilities, and when you see a blackbird, you can be sure that the magick of the unseen worlds is coming forth. Connect with the earth, for the Goddess is near. The blackbird also helps us uncover our ability to heal and our creativity.

Black Swan: The black swan reminds us that even if we have been through a difficult time, we must not give into victimhood, but instead look to our strength. Reclaim your power. The black swan can also guide you to the ‘right’ people, those who you should feel comfortable reaching out for help in a bad situation.

Bluebird: The bluebird reminds us to hold onto happiness and not to give up hope, especially in the process of working towards a goal. Stop, and take some time out to enjoy what is around you. Try to get out and about in nature and let it rejuvenate you. Move forward with hope and love in your heart, and positivity will gravitate towards you.

Bluejay: The bluejay represents being smart, being focused, and looking beyond the obvious for opportunities in our daily lives. Do not tolerate anyone else’s nonsense. Instead be bold, be fierce, and protect yourself and those around you. They are strong and loyal, and can teach us to stand in solidarity with others.

Cardinal: (see Finch)

Condor: It is said that condors often come bearing a message from an ancestor, the divine, or a deceased loved one. They can bring strength when we have challenges we need to face. The condor can also remind us to take some time out for ourselves and reflect away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.

Chicken: The chicken can symbolise the need to look at our communication skills, to make sure our words carry meaning and that our message is getting across. It can also symbolise that perhaps we have been sitting on something or brooding over something for too long, and we need to either address it or let it go. Alternatively, the chicken can symbolise that you are only just ‘scratching the surface’ of a new opportunity, and not to rush head first into it.

Crow: The crow represents spiritual, emotional and mental change. It also represents life, death, rebirth and transition, in keeping with the theme of change. It tells us to watch for opportunities arising, and to use your intuition and insight when weighing up these opportunities. You may be going through a period where there is a need to find balance in your life, especially between your ‘light’ self and shadow self.

Dove: The dove represents hope, love, innocence, and an almost child-like wonder at the world around us. It may be time to try and recapture some of that magic.

Eagle: The eagle is considered in some traditions to be the Chief of all the birds. They are strongly associated with the element of air. The eagle acts as a guardian, protecting us and delivering messages from the Gods. The eagle brings change, but also shows us how to connect with our inner strength, courage and determination. Do not give up is the message of the eagle; a transformation is coming, and you may need to be ready to step outside of your comfort zone if you want to succeed and overcome the obstacles you may be faced with.

Falcon: The falcon brings new opportunities and tells us it is a good time to start planning and thinking ahead. Spend time coming up with a strategy and a solid plan on how you wish to proceed if you are to succeed.

Finches: The finch represents an increase in energy, new experiences, and more activity arising in your life. It can help you to recognise or find your own voice, to be quick and observant. The finch also represents a connection to family.

Flamingo: The flamingo can symbolise something in your life which has fallen out of balance, and there is a need to give yourself and break and make sure your emotions are in check. The flamingo also represents community, working with others, and making sure you are pulling your own weight in group situations.

Goose: The goose represents that which is currently undiscovered, something you are at risk of missing due to other distractions. You need to take time to consider what it is you really need, or what you’re missing. The goose is also associated with family, especially in regards to children or parenting.

Greylag Goose

Gulls:The gulls deliver a subtle lesson in behaviour and communication, and can help you read people more effectively. You may need to take a look at the bigger picture as there are many perspectives to consider. Focus on friendships, community and cooperation if you wish to succeed.

Hawk: The hawk represents awareness, and urges us to try and find a higher perspective around something that has been holding you back. There is a need to look at the bigger picture. The hawk can also be a warning, and tells us that there may be a need to look at the company we keep both in our personal lives and our professional lives, and consider who our real friends are.

Heron: The heron represents finding a healthy balance between being solitary, and enjoying the company of others. Both reclusiveness and codependency can be unhealthy mentalities when taken to the extreme, and the heron tells us of the need to find this balance within ourselves. The heron also represents balance within relationships, especially in romantic relationships or where family is involved. It also encourages us to take the next step, especially where a new opportunity is on the table.

Hummingbird: The hummingbird reminds us to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and to remind us to take some time out for ourselves. Do things that put a smile on your face.

Magpie: The magpie represents knowledge about to be revealed. Your perceptions and old ways of thinking are about to be challenged, but that isn’t a bad thing. The magpie also represents illusion, specifically breaking free from them and being able to see people and situations for what they really are, for better or worse. You should be confident in your own voice, and not afraid to speak up.. Seize opportunities present to you, but approach them with a level head, sizing up any risks and considering whether the opportunity is worth it.

Mockingbird: The mockingbird represents finding your voice and what inspires you, and following that passion. The mockingbird also asks us to reflect on our own behaviours, and whether we have any negativity or any bad habits we need to let go of.

Owl: The owl can show us that which remains hidden, and if often symbolic of our shadow selves. The owl reminds us to stay true to ourselves, our voice and our beliefs. If you are holding onto a secret or find yourself under some sort of illusion, the owl will tell you to snap out of it, to be truthful and honest. The owl is also a symbol of protection and of knowledge, intellect and study. It can help us to see details which we otherwise may miss, helping us to become more observant. Prophecy is another association of the owl, helping you to uncover your past, present and future.

Peacock: Try to see the beauty in even the tiniest of things, and show gratitude. Focus on building up your confidence, and don’t give up on your dreams just because they feel impossible. The peacock is also known as a bird of healing in some traditions, so it may be a good time to focus on your own health and well-being.

Parrot: Try to return to the roots of what inspires you so you may feel enthused again and make progress. Consider how you communicate with others and think before you speak.

Pigeon: Represents the family and home.

Raven: The raven tells us that some transformative is about to occur in our life. For better or for worse, this change is often life altering, and as such the rave is also often associated with the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Or maybe there is something the raven is encouraging you to purge from your life? Like many other birds with dark feathers, the raven is known to be a creature of magick, who brings messages from the divine and represents mystery and the unknown. As such, the raven can make an excellent guide for those wanting to go deeper with their magickal studies.

Robin: The robin represents new growth and renewal. A symbol of joy, it helps us to find the good in otherwise negative situations. Let go of drama and anything that holds you back, and move forward with peace and harmony.

Rooster: The time for self-empowerment and showing off your true nature is now.

Sparrow: The sparrow represents self-worth, dignity and empowerment, and building on these qualities within yourself. It stresses the importance of the voice and communication, especially in regards to timing (where it is best to speak up, and where it may be better for you to keep quiet). The sparrow teaches cooperation and the sharing of responsibilities in the home or at work, but also teaches us to be self-assertive and to look out for number one (yourself).


Starling: The starling focuses on group etiquette, social standing, family relations, and how you appear in those relationships. The starling is a fierce competitor and signifies using every resource available to you to achieve your goals. It advises accomplishing tasks sooner, rather than putting them off until later. It also encourages sensitivity towards others and unity.

Swallow: The swallow helps with communication and objectivity in group settings, advocating love, trust, and working in cooperation. It advocates taking proper action to avoid threats with tenacity, style and class. The swallow encourages us to think quickly and react appropriately. It helps us create something out of nothing, and teaches that your ingenuity, innate skills and determination will help you to succeed in whatever you set your mind to.

Swan: The swan represents love, especially romantic love, and beauty. What is it that you desire most? Are you striving to achieve it? The swan is also associated with our intuition, and can symbolise opening yourself up to the energies around you and discovering a new way of approaching the world.

Stork: The stork is the bearer of good news, and often something you have been working towards coming to fruition. The stork is graceful, and can teach us that even when we lose our voice, there are other ways of making our point. If you are the type who hides from your emotions then the stork will encourage you to face them, especially in relationships. Sometimes we don’t want to see the whole truth, as it can be uncomfortable. Keep things simple and be honest with yourself is the message of the stork.

Turkey: The turkey can bring with it many messages. It is a symbol of selflessness, so pay attention to the people around you, as there may be someone who needs help but is unwilling to ask for it. The turkey also brings good news, and is a symbol of abundance. It encourages you to be retrospective and ask questions of yourself, especially in regards to your actions towards others.

Woodpecker: An opportunity centered around creativity could be about to come your way. If you are experiencing difficulties, stick with it and keep persevering. Speak less, and listen more, and don’t give too much of yourself to others; you will need to keep some of that energy for yourself, and manage your resources.