New Birth Spell

Preparation for the arrival of a new baby often includes
making a bedroom ready. This spell can be used whenever
those preparations include painting or wallpapering the
room that is to be the nursery. It is best cast by the child’s
parent(s) but could be cast (with permission) by someone
else who cares about the baby. The spell provides extra
protection for a baby, but the parent(s) must of course still
take normal precautions and take excellent care of the baby
in order for this spell to work.
You will need:
a pencil or other writing implement (Use a pencil if
you will be painting the room, something heavier if
you will be putting up wallpaper.)
myrrh incense
Empty the roomcompletely. Open the window(s) to air it out,
and clean the room thoroughly. Be sure to clean any
closet(s) as well. Keep scrubbing and sweeping or
vacuuming until you feel that the room is devoid of
whatever vibrations it previously held.
The Spell
Get into a magickal mood, and create sacred space in the
clean room. Bring in the incense, and light it. Envision the
nursery as a place of safety and happiness for the baby.
Raise power, and pour all your love for the baby into the
room. Fill the room with that love, and visualize it being
absorbed into the walls, floor, and ceiling.
While the incense burns, inscribe the names of the
following gods and goddesses upon the walls. Say each
sentence aloud as you write the name of the deity. Change
the wording as appropriate for gender, for a multiple birth, or
to include the baby’s name.
On the door or above the doorway, write: “VOLUMNA, to
protect this nursery. PILUMNUS, to guard this baby, from
birth until it reaches the safety of this room.”
Near the place where the baby will sleep, write:
“ARTEMIS, to protect this baby. JUNO, to watch over this
baby. DEVERRA, to safeguard this baby. LAIMA, to look
after this baby. INTERCIDONA, to keep this baby safe.”
On any wall, write: “POTNIA, to make sure this baby is
well nourished. BES, to give this baby the gifts of laughter
and safety. LUCINA, to protect this baby’s eyesight. JUNO
LUCINA, to keep this baby healthy. THE ZORYA, to ensure
that this baby is always well cared for. THE SEVEN
HATHORS, to bless this baby’s future.”
Remain in the room until the incense finishes burning.
(Light another stick or add more myrrh to the censer, if
needed.) Look around the room, and feel the difference that
your work has made in its spirit of place. Visualize a happy,
healthy baby sleeping, laughing, and playing there.
Ground the power that you raised once your visualization
is complete, and the incense has burned out. You can now
paint or wallpaper the room, and then furnish and decorate