Home Blessing Spell

Blessing your home helps to protect it and everyone who
lives there. It attracts positive energy, such as friends and
prosperity, and averts negative energy, such as unwanted
visitors and negative entities and elementals. Blessing the
home draws blessings to its inhabitants. We can all use all
the blessings that we can get, so cast this spell as often as
you like. Use it for a house, an apartment, or even a
temporary home such as a dorm room. The spell invokes the
Goddess in her triple aspect as Maiden, Mother, and Crone.
That reflects the lunar phases of Waxing Moon, Full Moon,
and Waning Moon, so this spell can be cast at any time. You
will need:
water (Spring water, rain water, or any other type of
holy water is great, but ordinary tap water is fine.)
salt (Sea salt is best, but ordinary table salt will do.)
a vessel, such as a chalice or bowl (You will be
asperging your entire home with the water from this
vessel, so choose one that will hold enough water
for the operation.)
three sprigs of fresh herbs (Rosemary is best, sage is
good, but use whatever herbs are available to you.)
blue or white ribbon (Substitute whatever you have
on hand, if needed—even a rubber band will do.)
Use the ribbon to tie the stems of the herbs together. Do this
any way you like, but tie them securely and leave the leafy
ends free.
The Spell
Get into a magickal mood. Assemble the spell ingredients,
and create sacred space around the place where you will be
working. Fill the vessel two-thirds full with water, and raise
Hold the vessel up with both hands. Regard the water,
which will be vibrating slightly, and visualize it as a medium
for the transference of magickal power. Do this in any way
you like, such as by imagining the water suffused with light
from within. Put the vessel down, and add a large pinch of
salt to it. Use the bundle of herbs to stir the water deosil as
you focus on your home and on drawing blessings to it.
Think about the blessings you wish to attract. Visualize them
reaching every member of the household, including pets.
When you feel that the water has been charged with your
intent, carry it and the herb bundle to your front door. Hold
the vessel in your receptive hand and the herbs in your
projective hand. Dip the herbs in the water when you get to
the door, and use them to draw a pentagram ( ) on the
back of the door. As you do this, say:
Goddess powerful, Goddess trine,
Grant blessings to this home of mine.
Dip the herbs in the water, and shake them to sprinkle a bit
of water by the door, as you again say:
Goddess powerful, Goddess trine,
Grant blessings to this home of mine.
Proceed deosil through your entire home, carrying the
vessel and the herbs. Repeat the dipping, the sprinkling, and
the spell in every room. You may wish to do this once in
each room, or to asperge every corner of every room. This is
your home and your spell, so that’s entirely up to you. If you
wish to asperge places such as closets, hallways, and
staircases, or things such as a bed, desk, or fireplace—do it.
Don’t forget the basement, attic, sun room, or attached
garage, if your home has any of these.
Work your way deosil through your home, until you are
back at your front door. Open it, step outside, and repeat the
spell a final time as you draw another pentagram on the
exterior of the door.
Go back inside, and ground the power that you raised.
You should feel good, and be in a very positive frame of
mind. If any water remains in the vessel, return it to the
Goddess by pouring it down a drain. Wash the vessel, and
discard the ribbon. Rinse the herbs in clear water, and use
themfresh or dried in cooking.
When there is a specific need or problem, customize this
spell as required by altering the words “grant blessings to.”
Variant wordings might include: make happy, bless with love,
make secure, bless with health, make prosperous, bless with
peace, make harmonious, and so on.