Goddess of Love Spell

When you need love, you can turn to the Love Goddess for
help. Venus, Atargatis, Aphrodite, Ishhara . . . the Goddess
of Love has been known by different names in various
cultures throughout human history. This spell invokes her
by many of those names, to alert her that you are available
to give and receive love. Recognize that love works best
when it is mutual, reciprocal. You will have the most success
with this spell if you focus on what you want to give, as well
as on what you hope to get, while you cast it.
The spell takes five days to complete. It is best begun five
days before the Full Moon (use a calendar to time it). If you
seek passionate love, cast it at night rather than during the
day. You will need:
five sticks of floral incense
a large pink candle
a tray
as many of the following things as you can obtain:
green and pink stones, green and pink glitter, catnip,
rosemary, pink flower petals, silver bells, hearts, a
rose quartz, and anything that represents love to you
Get into a magickal mood, and create sacred space around
the area where you will be working. Place the tray on your
altar or other working surface, and assemble the other spell
ingredients on it in a manner that is pleasing to you.
As you do this, concentrate on the kind of love that you
wish to invite into your life. Love takes many forms, so it is
important to be specific in love spells. If you fail to make
yourself clear, you might wind up with a new puppy instead
of the lover you had in mind. Visualize what you want, and
focus on it.
The Spell
Raise power. Light the candle, then light the incense from
the candle. Concentrate on the love that you need. Don’t
focus on a specific person or on physical or character traits.
Think about the way that the person your spell attracts will
feel about you, on how that will make you feel, and on how
you will make the other person feel. Paint a picture in your
mind of how you would like things to be. Open your hands.
Hold them slightly to your sides with the palms facing
upward, and chant this incantation:
By Hera, by Rhea, by Olwen and Maia,
By Sarah, by Vara, by Oshun and Gaia,
By Goda, by Holda, by Allat and Inanna,
By Lada, by Milda, by Blathnat and Diana,
By Anahita, Esmerelda, Dictynna, and Ishhara,
By Cytherea, Syria Dea, Shekinah, and Ostara,
I declare myselfready to receive love!
Alter the final line of the spell to reflect the type of love that
you seek. This might be “romantic love,” “passionate love,”
“the true love of a good wo/man,” or whatever is
appropriate. Repeat the incantation three times, then
extinguish the candle (preferably by wetting your fingers
and pinching it out or by using a candle snuffer). Allow the
incense to burn itself out, then ground the power that you
Repeat the spell every day for five days. If candle wax or
incense ashes get on the tray, consider them as adding to
the magick and leave them there. Keep the tray in a place
where you will often see it during the five days. Each time
that you notice it, concentrate on the love that you wish to
manifest in your life.
Disassemble the tray after you cast the final spell on the
fifth day. Items that you wish to retain, such as the tray,
should be washed in running water. Everything else should
be buried near your home. If that isn’t practical, bury the
charms in a potted plant inside your home.
Be mindful of the spell ingredients you buried, and remember
that their magickal vibrations are working. Know in your
bones that you have cast the spell effectively, and wait
patiently but expectantly for the spell to manifest.