Developing Psychic Abilities 1.3. The Ability to Relax

The more thoroughly you can relax while remaining consciously alert,the quicker you can unleash your heart’s ability to feel and your mind’s ability to create – hence, your psychic potential.

Relaxation alters your state of consciousness. The deeper the relaxation, the more benefits you receive. As your brain decreases the speed of its brain waves, breathing slows from the normal twelve breaths per minute to about six, for the average person. When this happens your body uses less oxygen, thus enabling your metabolic rate to lower. The result? Tension and stress melt away. Cellular repair and new
growth accelerate, as your body uses this opportunity to rid itself of toxins.

Relaxation also fosters patience and understanding. It gives you the “time out” you need to wind down from the day’s many activities and switch into “neutral” – that wonderful, non-judgmental state where all things are possible, and you can feel good about yourself.

While you drift in the joy of being completely relaxed, be aware that at some special spot within you is located your center – the very center of your being. Move your consciousness to that spot. Go there now.

You know your center. You recognize the place. It is that part of you still connected to the purity that is God, the oneness of all creation. Your center is a place of radiance, of perfect love, perfect joy, perfect peace, perfect knowing. Just be there. Be in your center, safe and warm, secure in the knowledge that you are wonderful, and that you have the right to be who you are. For you are an expression of God’s
blessings, part of The Great Spirit and A Greater Plan for All Creation.

When it feels right to leave your centre and return to full conscious awareness, do so slowly, in steps, knowing that at the count of three you will be wide awake and ready to resume your day.

Counting one.  Affirm that every part of your being is healed and whole.

Counting two.  feel surges of energy refreshing and reinvigorating your body.

Counting three.  eyes open; you are alert, joyful and happy.